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The Medical Home at Pediatric Health Associates

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What does this mean for you?

A Medical Home is a relationship that your family and child have with your child’s doctor where you work together to plan your child’s care as their medical needs change.

A Medical Home includes:

  • A partnership between your family & your child’s chosen primary care physician (PCP)
  • A relationship based on mutual trust & respect
  • Connections to resources & services to meet your child’s & family’s needs
  • Respect for your family’s cultural & religious beliefs
  • Your PCP works with your whole team of specialists to promote communication consistency & continuity of care.

The Benefits of a Medical Home:

  • You choose and regularly see the same PCP and become familiar with the office staff who knows you and your child.
  • Your PCP exchanges information with other providers here who see your child for acute or sick visits.
  • Your family feels supported in finding resources for all stages of growth & development of your child.
  • Your family is directed & connected to information and family support groups.
  • Your Medical Home partnership promotes the ease of transitioning to adult health care.

Tips For Families Building Medical Home Partnerships:

  • When scheduling well child care, PLEASE alert the office staff to locate appointments only with your chosen PCP. 
  • Please be on time for your appointments.  Time is valuable to you & your physician.
  • Organize & plan for your visit.  Bring a list of questions & concerns to discuss.  Prioritize needs.
  • Share information on how your child is changing (progressing or regressing).
  • Ask about child & family resources that may help your child & family.
  • Ask about how to get after hour care if needed.
  • Utilize the care coordinator & phone triage nurse for questions or concerns not covered during office visits.
  • Appreciation can be mutually shared.  PHA strives for excellent pediatric service!

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A Special Letter From Our Medical Home Coordinator

Dear Parent(s) of a special needs child:

I would like to extend my services to you and your child. My name is Julie Blazek and I have been a nurse at Pediatric Health Associates for nearly twenty years. This year I assumed the role of Care Coordinator for the practice. What can I do for you? Let me list a few examples of the services provided here at PHA:

Advocate and Medical Liaison:

First and foremost, I act as a liaison between you, your chosen primary care physician (PCP) and the many other health providers involved in your child’s life. At the parent’s request and with permission, I share vital health information with subspecialists, home health agencies, therapists and school officials. Letters of medical necessity, assistance with new referrals, locating resources and educational information are just a few examples of my supportive work performed at PHA.

Care Coordination Visits:

A care coordination visit is a special thirty to forty-five minute appointment scheduled between your and your PCP. It is NOT a routine well-child exam, sick visit or medical re-check. It is a very special appointment set aside and arranged in advance. This type of appointment addresses the special and specific concerns related to your child’s medical care. Should you and your PCP schedule this visit, expect a prior call from me. I will review and update pertinent medical information in your child’s chart - i.e. possible changes in medications or recent events at the emergency room or hospital admissions. I will help you organize and prepare for this visit. You and your PCP can then collaboratively accomplish the best plan of care possible to meet your needs. This is just on example of how PHA strives for excellent health care service.

Organizing Your Child's Medical Information:

We understand your child may have many health providers, medications, equipment and a very complex medical history. To help you organize, communicate and update the many people involved with your child’s care, we can create for you a medical flash drive. It is small, easy to carry and can eliminate a bulky medical binder. Specifically it contains a brief clinical summary of medical history, medication profile, telephone/fax numbers of health providers, as well as recent consultations and office visits here. Some families use their flash drives to give information to subspecialists and therapists. In return these same providers record care plans and recommendations on it to share with your PCP here. This flash drive can also be vital in an emergency situation. It will give the physicians and nurses at the scene your child’s vital medical information, freeing you to attend to your ill child.

You may contact me by phone at 630.717.2300. Please leave me a message regarding any non-urgent issue or question you may have. Calls are responded to weekly. Please contact me for advocacy issues, care coordination visits or to request a flash drive for your child. I appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your child and look forward to hearing from you.

Julie Blazek, RN
Care Coordinator